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We are proud to acknowledge the service of our Board of Trustees who have dedicated their time, energy, and love to the Colorado Lions Camp program. 

PRESIDENT: 6-W (2024, 2027)

Whittney M. Smythe-Smith
Leadville Lions Club

VICE PRESIDENT: 6-SE (2024, 2027)

Jim Hitt
Pikes Peak Lions Club

SECRETARY: 6-C (2024, 2027)
John Gozdzialski
Douglas County Lions Club

TREASURER: 6-NE (2024, 2027)
Craig Smith

Loveland Lions

Currently Vacant

TRUSTEE: 6-SE (2025, 2028)
Harvey "Art" Unwin
Avondale Vineland Lions Club


TRUSTEE: 6-W (2026, 2029)
David McIlnay
Redlands Lions Club

TRUSTEE: 6-C (2026, 2029)

Janice Davis
Colo Rocky Mtn Cyber

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